About Allinad

Our History

Founded in Australia in 1981, Allinad International has established itself as a beacon of Japanese quality in therapeutic equipment. Our journey from a local innovator to a global presence, reflects our unwavering commitment to wellness, durability, and customer satisfaction. With a legacy rooted in delivering high-quality massage products, we continue to embody the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship, inviting customers worldwide to experience the distinct Allinad difference: a tradition of care, quality, and global wellness outreach.


Manufactured in Japan &
Founded in Australia

"Allinad Worldwide" emphasizes our robust global presence, with our origins in Australia and manufacturing excellence in Japan. Our footprint spans Europe, marked by offices in countries like the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Poland. This international reach is a testament to our dedication to spreading Japanese-quality therapeutic equipment globally, aiming to enhance wellness everywhere. With plans to further extend Allinad's presence, we remain committed to broadening our impact, bringing superior wellness solutions to more people around the world.

  • Australia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Sweden
Operated in:
  • Macedonia
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
Who is allinad Now?

We are a global leader in wellness innovation with precision Japanese craftsmanship.

Our Vision

Our vision at Allinad International is to be the forefront of wellness innovation, harnessing the precision of Japanese manufacturing and our global presence to enhance the quality of life. We aim to continue expanding our reach, bringing our heritage of quality, durability, and customer-centered care to more people around the world. Through our products, we strive to offer not just therapeutic equipment but a pathway to improved health and well-being, reflecting our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the global community's wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission at Allinad International is to empower individuals worldwide with superior, Japanese-quality therapeutic equipment, fostering a healthier, more relaxed global community. We are dedicated to innovating wellness solutions that are not only effective but also durable and reliable, ensuring every customer experiences the highest standards of care and satisfaction. Through our commitment to excellence, we aspire to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of people across the globe, one massage at a time.

The Allinad

Since our founding in Australia in 1981, Allinad has been on an impressive journey of growth and innovation. The company first took root locally but soon branched out, weaving its way through Europe with expansions into Slovakia (1993), Serbia (1990), Hungary (1994), the Czech Republic (1992), Poland (1999), Macedonia (1995), Bulgaria (2005), and Sweden (2015). Alongside these expansions, Allinad made its mark by participating in expos and shows across the continent, further establishing our reputation in the wellness industry.

Over the past decade, Allinad has maintained a vibrant presence in Australia with weekly pop-up stands in shopping centres nationwide, bringing health and wellness directly to the community.

As we look towards the future, Allinad is embracing the digital revolution with a keen focus on expanding our global presence. The shift towards digital commerce opens new horizons for Allinad, bringing our trusted, high-quality therapeutic products to a broader audience and continuing a legacy of innovation and customer-centred care.

Allinad was founded in Australia in 1981.
Allinad continued its growth, opening offices in several European countries.
Allinad's global presence continued to grow with even more European offices being established.
Allinad continued to serve many satisfied customers through our presence at numerous exhibitions and expos globally.
Allinad's global presence remained strong as we continued to serve a wide range of satisfied customers
Allinad continued to strengthen our global partnerships and expanded our global reach with the opening of our Swedish offices.
Allinad grew its Australian presence with weekly pop-up stands within shopping centres Australia wide.
Allinad continues to strive towards delivering the highest quality of therapeutic equipment around the globe

Why Allinad Was Born

  • Transforming Health and Wellness Through Cutting-Edge Technology:

    At Allinad, we go beyond mere symptom relief. Our highly effective range of massage equipment works on the root cause of discomfort, providing a holistic approach to pain management, relaxation, and overall well-being.

  • The Easy Way to Health, Fitness, Vitality:

    In a world where healthcare resources are increasingly scarce, and attention to preventative health is rising, Allinad stands as both a preventative solution. We offer an alternative to conventional treatments, emphasizing that pills, drugs, or surgery are not always the only effective treatments for all ailments.

  • The Science Behind Electro Therapy:

    Electrotherapy, the technology that underpins our range of products, has been rigorously studied and vetted by esteemed medical professionals. For instance, research conducted by Dr. William Bierman focused on the effect of therapeutic cushions on blood circulation and found a significant increase in the area of application. Dr. Lawrence Wisham's studies reported prompt effects on a variety of muscle spasms, including conditions.

  • Heat and Massage:

    We've developed a detailed diagram that visually explains how heat and massage contribute to the process of pain relief, enriching your understanding of how our Allinad Therapy works.

    Click here for our heat & massage diagram & source list for studies on Electrotherapy.